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Cheer Squad for Venture Capital

Forgot to note the very encouraging turnout for the 23 September Investor Allstars event at the Hilton Park Lane.  This event has for me been a bellweather for how the entrepreneurial space is doing: in the past attendance has oscillated from the small and depressed (post tech bust!) to the packed and raucous (2004 was when the vim came back to the sector).  If turnout is anything to go by then perhaps VC is regaining confidence as it was very well attended.  There was a great deal of earnest networking rather than boozy celebration though and one has to wonder how many of the prize winners can declare real success in early stage investing.  Chairwoman and organiser Sara Williams did in fact tell the audience to pull themselves together because recent performance of this asset class is dire.  Steeping back from this year’s headlines, it is good to see the people behind this all maturing their own businesses and market positions – particularly GP Bullhound, Business XL PER recruitment et al.  I always admire people who stick with such initiatives rather than the ‘one quick slug from this year’s marketing budget’ type of firms – somebody’s got to build the community right?. p.s.  John Moulton who sat with us had his foot in plaster, furiously denying it was from kicking his old colleagues at Alchemy 😉

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