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No Regrets/ Staying Alive until Plan B

Old Blue EyesThose of you who are doing anything in the mobile ad space will probably already have cottoned on to two voices of authority Helen Keegan of Beepmarketing and Russell Buckley of Mobhappy and if you haven’t yet, you really must!  The interesting fact is that they both started in a venture which a few of us funded out of London Business School called Zagme.  That venture goes in the ‘regrets’ section – i.e. we should have kept pouring money in to get through the dotbomb and overcome the fact that we were way ahead of our time.  How many people are trying to enter into that space now or believe it is going to be huge?  Lots!

As if to compound the regret I made an amazing (re)discovery today.  Sitting in a sunny Regent’s Park having lunch with Chris Havemann of Research Now! he reminded me that it was he and his cofounders who came along and bought the old hardware from Zagme when it went bust, with a view to scraping the customer lists off the server.  £12,500 was paid and boy did it leave a nasty taste at the time!  I assumed that it also faded away but no, Chris stuck it out and in the end after a desperate couple more years he found he could build an online market research panel on the back of the mobile customer lists he’d built up. 

With over a dozen offices around the world, an AIM listing and a market cap of about £60million he is a solid example of how hanging on in there until your Plan B comes good really pays dividends.  Fantastic result – for Chris and I think also for the Zagme pair who are at the top of their game even if we investors lost our shirts.  As Sinatra said “Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again…..”

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